Sleep Affects Our State of Health

In order to live longer, you need to follow some rules.

One of these is proper diet, according to which should be excluded from the diet of all harmful products, which include smoked sausage, french fries, fast food, sweet carbonated water, and others.

In addition, a large role in our well-being plays the quality of sleep. As a rule, people who are 50 years old or more, often suffer from insomnia, and that this did not happen, try to change your daily routine. Firstly, it is not necessary to give a supper, but it is recommended to include in its menu of protein foods, but it is worth remembering that it should be in moderation and ending three hours before bedtime.

To sleep was a strong need to keep the feet warm, so before you go to bed, wear socks, preferably made of natural materials. A warm bath with a decoction of pine needles, which is recommended to take just before bedtime, will contribute not only to the rapid fall asleep, but also to relax the nervous system.

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