Skin Care Rules

From the skin condition on the face, the attractiveness of a woman largely depends, therefore, almost all of them try to remove as much time and attention as possible of her leaving.

A very important element is the proper selection of cosmetic products, because each person has his own skin composition.

If you managed to make the right choice, for example, a face cream, then do not change it often, because, it can cause skin irritation, or a rash may appear. A few years ago, most women preferred to use the scrub, believing that, thanks to nutrients, they can achieve the desired result.

However, now cosmeticians are advised not to use it more than once every ten days, because they believe that it can damage the skin. Some women are wondering whether to apply the cream at night, because they believe that at this time of the day the skin should breathe.

Experts unequivocally answer “yes”, because during the sleep the cream intensively improves the skin. To remove cosmetics, it is desirable to use a special milk, and not to apply funds for washing.

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