Side Effects of Aromatherapy

14111622Many doctors recognize that aromatherapy is a very useful procedure for the normalization of the nervous system and overall body relaxation after a hard day of another.

Nevertheless, even such a useful process of relaxation sometimes have negative consequences.

Today we tell about what side effects does aromatherapy.

Recent scientific experiments to study the effects of essential oils on the human body, held in Taiwan, have shown that this technique can sometimes be harmful. First of all, it concerns the long-term stay in the SPA and the inhalation of these oils. Scientists have found that in the first 30 minutes of aromatherapy body really relaxes, reduces blood pressure, and our muscles become softer. However, after 3 hours in a room, there palpitations and pressurization.

That is why, according to scientists, aromatherapy is useful only if you are moderately doziruete time in finding the SPA.

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