Should the Child Attend Kindergarten

Until recently it claimed that the child must be attending kindergarten for its overall development.

Since people are always on time, work or study in a group, child care facilities contributed to inculcate skills of behavior in society.

Due to the fact that the parents have to work, the child decorate a kindergarten, thinking that talking with their children, it is better developed.

However, through a series of experiments, Swedish researchers have shown that these institutions have a negative impact on the nervous system of the baby, as it is often exposed to stress. The problem is that many children are just beginning to talk, as well as their words are not always properly understood, they have all day to explain their requests.

Important role played by teachers, because often there are times when they are unjustly raise their voices, which also negatively affects their emotional state. The best option would be if before the start of school, he will be at home, under the care of his grandfather or grandmother, in a pinch, you can invite a babysitter.

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