Should Not Drink Tea in Packets

Along with the fact that there are a number of some products that are recommended to be used on a daily basis, for example, garlic, walnuts, honey, and others, there are also those from which should be abandoned.

As for drinks, you are considered teas, especially green juices, prepared immediately before use the most useful, as well as herbal teas with some types of berries, such as rose hips, cranberries, lingonberries.

Chinese scientists were able to prove that in the selection of tea, you need to buy a large sheet, because, in the packaged teas observed high content of fluorine, which causes joint pain, muscle weakness, and also violates the tooth enamel. The fact that the manufacture of this type of tea leaves used older, which accumulates many harmful substances.

Especially dangerous are the cheapest variety, because in them useful substances, practically does not contain, however, when you buy, choose Loose teas, preferably well-known manufacturers. After drinking this tea, you get warm in the cold and get a charge of vivacity.

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