Should I fulfill all the requests of the child?

Nowadays, children use smartphones from the first class, and sometimes even earlier, moreover, they understand so thoroughly in them that some adults can only envy. Before many parents, it is not uncommon to ask at what age it is best for a child to buy a phone.

After all, it is well known that this device has a negative impact on health.

However, psychologists say that if a child asks for something to buy him, including a smartphone, in order not to differ from his peers, it is recommended that he make concessions.

The fact that denying him this request, he will feel in the collective restrained and not self-confident, and this, in turn, will affect the formation of character.

In addition, by purchasing a phone for a child, you will have more control over it, because any minute you can call him. However, do not constantly fulfill all his whims, because it can enter into a bad habit.

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