Shoes in High Heels Dangerous for Health

Scientists from the UK, having conducted a series of studies, found that the correctness of the selection of shoes largely depends on the state of health.

Especially it concerns shoes with high heels, which is popular among women, as each of them wants to look tall and slender.

It is proved that no woman can safely wear high-heeled shoes for more than one hour, after which there is swelling, joint pain and inconvenience.

Moreover, such footwear promotes the development of arthritis, which affects many women, especially over the age of 50, and this is not to say that such people often have an ingrown nail that brings a lot of pain.

Improperly selected shoes contribute to the appearance of calluses, which are painful and interfere with walking, as well as bones, in the presence of which it is difficult to choose shoes or boots. Walking in such shoes, especially in the winter, makes you in constant tension, which affects not only the muscular system, but also the spine.

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