Sharp Weight Loss Dangerous for Health

American scientists managed to find out that a sharp change in weight is very dangerous to health and can do more harm than obesity.

The experiment involved about two thousand volunteers who, using the recommendations, got rid of their extra weight.

As a result of this, those people who sharply lost weight, caused great damage to their body, mainly the work of the cardiovascular system, which did not have time to rebuild, which significantly increased the likelihood of a stroke. In connection with such conclusions, experts recommend not to resort to a sharp slimming, we mean the transition to a strict diet or use of various drugs, recommended by some firms for weight loss.

If you want to look in good physical shape, then the best option is to observe dietary intake, introducing in the diet as much as possible vegetables, fruits and greens, as well as keeping the most active way of life. It will be useful if you spend the weekend on sports grounds, or on a hike, where you can go with the whole family.

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