Sex Helps to Extend the Life Of

120820161Night of passion can extend human life. As recent studies have shown scientists, sex is not only brings pleasure, but also acts as a high-grade drugs. This is especially true of men who have sex with regular provide your body with a powerful release of testosterone, a hormone which is the base for maintaining physical strength and health of the whole organism.

According to statistics, men who are up to 65 years regularly had sex on average have higher El-Macho France strength, endurance and health than those who have ceased to be active sex life after 50 years.

As practice shows, due to optimal testosterone in the body significantly reduced the risk of developing heart disease, prostate and other internal organs. In addition, sex is useful and girls.

As experts say women who are sexually active, reduce the risk of diabetes and improve circulation. By the way, sex is the best painkiller. Due to the release of endorphins reduces the perceptibility of pain, so if your girlfriend says that she had a headache – it is best to have sex.

Strong Family Ties Depend On Women’s Happiness

Most of us understand that having regular sex is very important, and it’s a pleasant thing.

In addition, a huge number of doctors constantly argue that having sex makes people have an increased amount of positive hormones. In particular, if you deal with him constantly with your loved one at least twice a week, then the family will be dominated by joy and a smile.

Moreover, it is sex that allows us to remove from our condition El-Macho Deutschland an unfavorable hormone – cortisol, which exposes the body to constant stress and a negative state. Therefore, in order to exclude depression, people must necessarily engage in this pleasant business, preferably stably.

However, sex has a special effect on the female body. In addition to the fact that, like in the case of men, it allows you to prolong youth and give a longer life, sex for the female body replaces a large number of medicines, because a woman has very strong hormonal changes. She becomes affectionate, tender and very caring wife, and also a wonderful mother. Therefore, they say that a woman the next day was nice, kind and affectionate, then before going to bed, she must necessarily moan in bed, getting pleasure from her husband.

As for situations in which a girl does not have a permanent partner, then such a woman having sex is difficult. After all, she should have fun.

And since there is no permanent person, the casual partner in bed, can think El-Macho България more about his getting an orgasm, and not about satisfying his partner.

Therefore, do not engage with anyone horrible. If you have not had a sexual intercourse for a long time, then it is better to meet a long-time acquaintance with whom you are comfortable in bed to spend a romantic evening with him, and then perform the same sexual act that will give the girl a positive mood for the next few days.

But, most importantly, at the same time, so that the gentleman does not turn out to be a married man. Since taking strangers to the side is very wrong.


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