Sedentary Lifestyle Negatively Affects Health Status

One American, in order to prove the influence of the sedentary lifestyle on the state of health, conducted an experiment in which he spent almost all his time, except for sleep, for two months standing on his feet, even taking food.

Despite the fact that at the end of this test, his legs began to ache due to overwork, he managed to get rid of many diseases, including those from extra pounds.

German scientists argue that the sedentary lifestyle does not only provoke a number of diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular, vision impairment and musculoskeletal disorders, but also negatively affects life expectancy.

Nowadays, most of the employees at the enterprises are busy with office work, and when they come home sit down in front of TV screens or computers, planning to do physical exercises on weekends, but this routine is not favorable for health. It will be much more effective for daily classes, held even for a short time, for example, as a warm-up for each hour.

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