Security Measures In Time Glaze

Due to the fact that in winter the weather changes often, when, during the thaw comes rain, and after him, dropping the air temperature, ice appear on the road.

It is at such moments the greatest number of patients appears in traumatology and surgery, as people often fall to obtain various types of injuries, including fractures.

To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to observe some rules. As for pedestrians, you should first select the appropriate shoes to sole was not slippery, and women to abandon high-heeled boots. Going on a slippery sidewalk, do not keep your hands in your pockets and do not make any sudden movements, and in the event of a fall, try to sit down and regroup, to reduce the force of the fall.

In those days, drivers must also comply with the precautionary measures, it is natural not to go, if the machine is not equipped with winter tires, it is worth to remember that the spikes do not provide full security during icy conditions. Therefore, do not jam on the brakes and on the gas.

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