Seafood Influences On Duration Of Life

For 15 years, American scientists have been conducting research to determine which foods are capable of prolonging life.

They managed to prove that seafood is most useful for a number of reasons, one of which is that all the seafood is rich in the presence of protein, which is fast assimilable by the human body.

In addition, regardless of the type of product, be it fish, squid, shrimp and other species, they all contain a large number of different minerals, since they live in the marine environment. It is also noted that, precisely those nations, in whose diet the marine products are present daily, are longevity and well-being even in old age.

Fish and other sea-dwellers should be consumed by people who have heart problems to avoid serious illnesses. It is also noted that those individuals who have a frequent presence of this product on the menu are notable for their mental abilities, as evidenced by a study conducted among students in schools and institutes.

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