Scientists Recommend Most Read Books

05121613No wonder they say that the best gift is a book. As a result of studies conducted over 15 years, scientists have been able to find out what people who spend on reading at least four hours a week, live significantly longer than those who do not read.

This applies mainly to the human nervous system, so as to read, in addition to the additional knowledge that is constantly evolving work of the brain, the book positively affect the psychological state, preventing the occurrence of neuroses.

Maybe that’s why it is recommended to read a book before bedtime favorite author.

Due to the fact that there were computers, smartphones, interest in books has fallen considerably, because the majority of people, mostly young people, prefer to pay more attention to these technical means as well as how to use them, you can watch any movie or get carried away games.

Naturally such classes are harmful to health and mental activity, because the reading of the book, there is a development of thought that can not be said about watching soap operas.

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