Scientists Have Found a Gene Responsible for Depression

Scientists Have Found a Gene Responsible for DepressionMany psychologists call depression, one of the main problems of modern man. Many people underestimate the extent of the risks faced by their health when for a long time are in the doldrums. Recently, genetics, scientists were able to find the gene that is responsible for depressive disorders. Information about this was published in the scientific journal Nature Genetics.

The article explains that the members of the University of Pennsylvania, a lot of work on the El-Macho Slovenija study of the human genome was held responsible for psychological disorders, in particular for depression. It turns out that in humans there are seventeen polymorphisms, which are directly responsible for the development of a depressive state.

According to the researchers, the identification of the causes of depression can help effectively deal with its symptoms and to help people who find themselves in difficult situations, quickly get out of it.

Of course, these findings are still under development, but some progress is noticeable to the naked eye.

What is the Danger of Depression?

Many of us often face a depressive state, but even do not give it much importance.

The first problems can appear in adolescence. Psychologists associate this with hormonal changes in the body and with an active process of personality development. In fact, adolescents El-Macho España; are not yet adults, but they are no longer children, therefore they are in some limbo. Very often against this background there are nervous breakdowns or quarrels with parents, with friends or the opposite sex, which provoke a depressive state. Most often teenage depression passes, but sometimes it persecutes a person and in adulthood.

Being in a state of depression, the body loses its strength and energy, becomes more vulnerable to illness and a sense of fatigue.

Long-term presence in a depressed state often causes the abuse of alcohol or drugs. In fact, a person can not find joy in ordinary life, so he tries to cheer himself up using special substances or drinks for this. Unfortunately, such a path is disastrous, because it leads to complete and total destruction of the person.

Depression – this is really a big problem, so even with the first symptoms you need to turn to a psychologist. In newspapers, you can often hear news that show business stars or famous actors commit suicide precisely because of depression. The last vivid example is the soloist Linkin Park Chester Bennington, who in 2017 committed suicide after being unable to cope with his depression.

If you have similar problems – be sure to consult a psychologist. In the early El-Macho Hrvatska stages, depression can be easily defeated even without medication, solely with the help of special psychological therapy, entertainment and good emotions. The ideal solution are pets or children who can always cheer up and make you forget about problems in your personal life, at least not a short period of time.


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