Scientists Have Created an Analog Snake Skin

The world of flora and fauna of our planet is so peculiar and unique in that many of the processes of life and existence remain a mystery to mankind. We were surprised by their size, color, ultra-sensitive organs of perception with a lot of receptors, not inherent in man.

People constantly explore these mysteries, many of whom are trying to apply for your own good.

An example for the further development of a new material in the direction of the prosthesis is the ability rattlesnakes feel the warmth of his offering special receptor that is located on its muzzle. That scientists from the California Institute of Technology was able to transfer the characteristics of the species of reptiles in their technology.

As they say, this development is primarily to help people who are deprived of limbs and prostheses used. This will allow them to feel the difference of temperature and protect from unforeseen situations. The basis of the development of the membrane are taken, are able to recognize the heat at a distance of one meter. Feeling the flow of electrical signals through the ion channel, membrane begins to heat up, thus letting a viper about the presence in the vicinity of a living being.

Scientific developed membrane is 20 micron film composed of water, pectin, which are structural components of plant tissues and molecules commonly found in the cell walls the molecules. Due pectin created material more resistant to changes in temperature and operating in the range of from 5 to 50 degrees Celsius. In the future, the developers plan to increase it to 90 degrees.

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