Scientists Describe the Daily Norm of Bread

Bread – one of the most popular products in the world.

Just look at the range of dishes in various cuisines of the world and you will see that almost every one has the product.

However, with the popularity of the bread it is many nutritionists call the most important enemy slim figure.

It contains the lungs carbohydrates very hard removed from the body and, more often, turn into fat. However, doctors say that complete exclusion from the diet bread is also wrong decision that obviously has many side effects.

According to the latest research on nutrition professionals able to find out the optimal rate of consumption of bread per day. It turns out that if a person consumes more than 300 grams of bread a day, it will not gain weight and, at the same time, be able to provide a good balance of vitamins and mineral supplements for your body. Thus, to improve the useful properties, it is best to eat bread or bran produced from crude flours.

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