Salt Damages the Blood Vessels

1012164During cooking any cook or housewife, takes a test on the salt and if it is not enough, feel free to add it, as it is believed that the salted insufficiently dish loses its flavor.

On average, a person consumes daily 10-14 grams of salt, while the norm is no more than 4 grams. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that it contains almost all of the finished product, even in bread, not to mention other products, especially smoked.

Australian scientists Casey Dickinson argues that salt is the most harmful products for the blood vessels of the disease which occurs myocardial or stroke, as it instantly affects the blood vessels. Excess salt adversely affects the functioning of kidneys, and most surprisingly, contributes to weight gain, so people suffering from such chronic diseases, it is desirable to completely eliminate it from your diet.

To cooked food without salt did not seem tasteless, you can use lemon juice which is able to impart flavor.

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