Salt content in Hot Chocolate Exceeds Acceptable Norms

As is known, one of the most harmful products on earth is salt, because a large amount of it in the body leads to a number of different diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system, the work of the heart, the deterioration of the blood composition, not to mention the overweight and other.

Some products in their composition contain salt more than the allowable rate, and such include smoking, like fish and sausages, canned food, semi-finished products and, oddly enough, hot chocolate.

Such data became known after scientists at the University of London conducted a series of studies, which resulted in the fact that the salt in such a product is more than 16 times normal, which is unacceptable for normal human activity.

Such chocolate is very popular among residents of European countries, especially its children. Parents, buying such a delicacy, do not even know how much they harm their child. The daily rate of salt intake should not be more than five grams, however, according to experts, most people exceed it two, or even three times.

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