Rosehip Helps in the Treatment of Many Diseases

The fact that the wild rose is a healing berry, known to many, but not everyone knows that this shrub is no less useful leaves and even roots, and properly prepare the broth will help in the treatment of certain diseases.

In this article we will talk about the therapeutic application of this plant, starting with the root.

Those persons who are suffering from kidney stones and gall bladder, a decoction of the roots of wild rose is simply irreplaceable, because it contributes to their dissolution, and also displays the body of salt. For external use a decoction gives a good effect in the treatment of joints during inflammation which apply a compress or taking a bath with his addition.

From the leaves and rosehip berries can be cooked a delicious, but most importantly, a very useful tea, which is rich in vitamin C. For this purpose, it is enough to put them in a thermos, pour hot boiling water (in any case is not hot water) and after 10 hours the healing drink is ready . And, if you drink it constantly, it will increase the immune system, normalize metabolism, and also will not feel tired.

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