Rich Men Have Higher Testosterone Levels

090920164If you think a bank account – it’s the only thing that distinguishes the common people of rich, deeply mistaken in this. It turns out that rich men have a number of physiological differences from their less successful colleagues by gender. Recent research staff at University College (London), proves that there is a direct relationship between the level of financial well-being of men and amount of testosterone in the body.

On the basis of data received after a detailed study of a large number of volunteers, it was found that men with big money often have the nature of a higher level of testosterone. It is for this reason that, in many situations, when others give up or do not withstand loads, these men continue to go forward and achieve their goals. In addition, it is likely due to a higher level of testosterone men with big money live for about 9-10 years longer than the poor.

In addition, scientists believe that this is not only the biological differences between rich and poor men, so are going to continue their research in this area.

How To Increase Testosterone Level?

Many men are interested in the question of how to increase testosterone levels. In fact, it is very important to follow three important rules – get rid of stress, eat healthy foods and have regular sex. Stress destroys our hormonal system and leads to a decrease in libido, so it is best to get rid of them. Try to eat celery, shellfish, cilantro, nuts and other foods that increase testosterone levels naturally. You should have sex regularly to always be in great shape and have healthy hormones. Remember that the main enemies of testosterone are alcohol, nicotine, physical and psychological fatigue.

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