Residents of Mountains Differ Good Health

Spanish scientists have for a long time carried out a number of studies to determine the causes of longevity of people living in mountainous areas.

To participate in this experiment the volunteers agreed to a few thousand, of which the two groups created.

They were mostly people aged 30 to 50 years, and one group was in the mountains, and the second on the flat terrain.

After some time, were examined, it was found that people who lived in the mountains, far better cardiovascular system worked. Experts believe that the main reason for this is the clean air, which significantly affect the state of our health.

At the same time, even those individuals who have previously observed hypertension, having visited a certain period in the mountains, the pressure they have stabilized. A lot of the important role played by the fact that the mountains have to move more, because it is not always possible to make use of transport, not to mention the fact that cooking often uses wood, accounting for harvest.

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