Replace the Sausage More Useful Products

Sometimes, it is a healthy person who does not smoke in moderation consume alcoholic beverages, moreover, leads an active lifestyle, often complains of headaches, unpleasant sensations in the stomach and other symptoms, indicating that the body occur unclear changes.

The first reason for this may be the wrong food. Many start the morning with breakfast defective, replace it with a piece of bread and sausage, washed down with all it’s tea or coffee.

During the manufacture of sausage products as hazardous substances used in the present conditions, that this product, in addition to all the complications of colon cancer provokes.

But there are a number of products that can replace sausage with health benefits, while not yielding to the taste. For example, buy a piece of beef, boil or bake it in the oven with spices, daily cutting a slice, it will be enough for a few days, especially since it is well kept in the refrigerator. Replace the sausage can also be cheese, boiled fish or poultry.

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