Removing the Effects of Fatigue on the Face

070920163As a result of severe physical or mental stress, lack of sleep or poor health often becomes our face an unhealthy appearance. The first signs of fatigue – is the appearance of edema, swelling under the eyes, darkening of the skin color and so on. Naturally, the girl is a critical issue that needs to be solved quickly.

Professional cosmetologists can solve this problem fairly quickly, but it will be very expensive. But you can remove traces of fatigue is much easier using a few simple rules and recommendations. First of all it is necessary to adjust their diet and lifestyle. A huge role in this issue plays a normalization of sleep. Most often, the key reason for the change of the skin on the face is just a lack of sleep duration. In addition, very good massage helps in this regard.

This does not necessarily go to the beautician or masseur – you can do your own facial massage. This is best done in about 1-1.5 hours before bedtime. Then you’ll be all right.

Do not forget every time before going to bed to clean the skin using a special lotion that will help to remove excess fat and clean the skin from bacteria.

Top Fatigue Products for Your Face

Dry and lifeless skin can come back to normal very quickly under the influence of useful trace elements and vitamins. Cosmetologists and doctors recommend maintaining a varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables. In particular, potatoes and chicken eggs are very beneficial for the skin. In addition, to maintain the regenerative functions of skin cells, it is recommended to use mint leaves, dill, parsley. The skin needs vitamin C, so eating lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit will be very useful for improving the tone of the face and removing wrinkles.

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