Removing Apartment You Can Get Rid of Thousand Calories

With the first rays of spring, many women are increasingly coming to the mirror to see the figure, which in winter become more rounded shape.

Naturally, each of them dreams of as quickly as possible to get rid of the extra kilos.

The most common method of weight loss is considered to be dieting, but fail to achieve the desired results without exercise.

Of course, you can use the swimming pool or health club, but all have free time, so the experts gave advice on how you can lose weight with the help of cleaning the apartment. It turns out that ordinary washing floors, preferably with no mops, can burn up to 150 calories in half an hour of work.

If, moreover, you rub the dust on all shelves, windowsills, then you will lose another 160 calories. In addition to this, you can wash the windows, the bathroom and do a lot of good not only for your figure, but will always maintain perfect cleanliness in the house. Therefore, if desired, any woman can get rid of the heavy weight, if you do not suffer from chronic diseases.

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