Rejecting the TV You Will Extend the Life Itself

Scientists from Australia have shocked the public with their research.

They conducted scientific experiment to study the influence of the television on the human body. It turned out that at daily watching TV for 5-6 hours average person reduces his life by about 4-6 years.

According to preliminary estimates, for every 60 minutes of viewing any TV show or a show, you lose about 22 minutes of your life. Of course, this approximate data based solely on laboratory studies. But even in this case, we can conclude that the habit of spending the weekend in front of the TV is very harmful. This is especially true of young children, who often like to watch cartoons.

In addition, it is watching television can dramatically increase the risk of dangerous diseases. For example, if your body does not move within 3-4 hours, this increases the likelihood of developing diabetes by about 73%.

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