Refute the Myths About the Use of Milk

For many years, scientists can not come to a consensus about the benefits or dangers of drinking milk by adults.

One of the problems, because of which many persons refuse the drink is poor digestibility of lactose, which is accompanied by pain and indigestion.

However, the Indian scientists were able to prove that regardless of age, moderate consumption of milk every day, not only replenishes the body with useful substances, but also extends the life years. One thing to remember is that this product does not always goes well with others, so you should not drink milk immediately after eating, and this is best done on an empty stomach.

At the same time, the temperature of the beverage should not be below room as cold milk complicates the process of digesting food. In addition, never use milk with pickles, smoked sausages, as well as fruits such as plum, pear and others, because the process of fermentation and bloating bound to happen that will adversely affect the general condition.

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