Refusal of Fried Food

2309201613Everyone has long known that the fried food is harmful to our health. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health have shown that people who are more than 4 times a week included in its menu fried products, it contributes to the rapid increase in body weight, especially in those who are prone to obesity.

Nowadays there are a lot of different cooking recipes when frying can be replaced by quenching, thus, taste the prepared dishes are not worse than fried, but, nutrients, much more.

If you can not give up fried foods, then, during their preparation, it is necessary to use olive oil. The fact that, unlike the vegetable, it does not lose its properties. We all know that obesity causes a number of different diseases, not to mention the fact that the extra weight spoil the shape. Eating more vegetables and fruits, as well as cooked food, the likelihood of overweight is equated to zero, provided not overeating. But from fried foods, should be abandoned altogether.

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