Recommended to Limit the Intake of Sugar

One of the products, when consumed, which in large quantities, there is a number of diseases, is sugar, because it provokes diabetes, obesity and other diseases.

In our time, sugar is contained in almost all food products, for example, in semi-finished products, in sausages to increase the shelf life.

At the same time, we do not even suspect how much of this product we eat every day, especially if our diet constantly contains sweet teas, coffee and other drinks that contain sugar. This product, as well as alcohol, nicotine or drugs, causes dependence and, at times, it is very difficult for people to give up sweets.

Scientists do not recommend completely excluding sugar from their menu, because it has a beneficial effect on the brain, but its use should be limited. In order not to cause psychological harm, reduce the dose should be gradually, for example, instead of two tablespoons of sugar put one, even better half. Refuse from the use of packaged juices and sweet carbonated drinks, since one liter contains almost a month’s sugar norm.

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