Recommended Hiking for 20 Minutes

To live a long life, and as little as possible to seek medical care should adhere to certain rules, one of which is the daily walks.

Scientists, after the experiment, which agreed to participate 200 volunteers, we found out that in the process of walking for 20 minutes every day, improves the blood, which helps prevent the appearance of inflammatory processes in the body.

Also, we found out that a long walk especially additional results does not, therefore, enough for 20 minutes.

If we add the proper nutrition when your diet is more space will be devoted to fruits, vegetables, herbs and seafood, as well as not to lose a sense of humor, fun and every day to give your hobby at least for a few minutes, you will notice, how you improve the overall condition of the body.

People who live alone, it is advisable to have pets that have a positive effect on the nervous system.

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