Recommended Daily Intake of Nuts

06121617Some people are beginning to seriously worry about their health only when the first symptoms of various diseases, even though everyone knows it is well known that any disease prevention is better than cure.

Therefore, from a young age is to lead a healthy lifestyle, of course not to smoke, drink alcohol in moderation, because the scientists proved that drunk during the day a glass of dry red wine has a positive effect on the nervous and cardiac systems.

Proper diet and exercise will help strengthen not only the immune system, but also improve the psychological condition. There are such products that are natural medicine capable of preventing various diseases and one of them, are nuts, and any kind.

Since walnut is considered a high-calorie, its daily rate is not more than 5 pieces, and that is enough to provide the body with useful substances. Daily use of the product reduces the risk of heart disease, improves blood, beneficial effects on the brain, and also cleans the intestines of toxins.

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