Recommendations for the Care of Dry Hair

To the woman had an attractive appearance, a slim figure and make-up is not enough, because the hairstyle plays an unimportant role.

In order for hair elastic, have a natural luster, not flogged them requires special care.

If the hair is dry, then wash them should be reduced to 3 times a week, at the same time try to use detergents that suits your hair type. Most of the ladies for drying hair using a hairdryer, but it must be remembered that the air flow should be not too hot and it will prevent brittle hair.

In recent years, especially among young people, it has become fashionable to stay outside in the cold time of the day without a hat, what not to do, because it harms not only the hair, but also can get a more serious illness.

The same goes for the summer, because of the direct sunlight they lose their form. To strengthen the hair roots is sometimes recommended to use special masks, using natural vegetable oils.

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