Recommendations for Improving Memory

Nowadays, in order to find a decent paying job and you must have a university degree, which can be obtained only with a good knowledge.

However, the scope of training programs is so great that, without possessing an excellent memory, it is very difficult to remember the material.

Experts offer some tips to improve brain function, and one of them is the inclusion in your diet foods such as beef, legumes and liver and greens. From fruit to give preference to apples and bananas, as they provide the necessary nutrients the brain.

Memory must constantly train, which is suitable for solving crossword puzzles, but it would be better if you do every day to learn a few foreign words or poems.

It turns out, needlework as a positive influence on the development of memory, and can be engaged in knitting, sewing, wood carving or sculpting the figures, in a word handiwork. And, of course, possible to be outdoors longer, it does not sit on the bench, and as much as possible to move.

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