Recommendations for Hair Care

Many people are wondering how often one can wash their hair to do as little damage to hair and skin as possible.

Most cosmeticians claim that not washing their hair for two to three days is considered normal, provided that the hair is normal fat.

In those cases, if the fat content of the hair is higher than normal, such procedures are recommended to be performed every day, it is better to use shampoos with chamomile, sage or nettle extract. In order to protect them from falling out, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime, because hot water dries not only the scalp, but also the hair, which becomes brittle and loses its shine.

In the cold season it is recommended to wear a hat, for the same reason, by the way, this also applies to hot sunny days, because the direct rays of the sun also make them fragile. A very important element will be a properly selected shampoo, which should match your hair type, and also, try to use the dryer as rarely as possible to dry them.

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