Rapid Recovery Methods Microflora

Everyone dreams about how to live as long as possible, with less to ask for help to doctors.

To do this, you must lead a healthy lifestyle, we have in mind, exercise as much time as possible to give rest, while doing things you love, such as fishing or hunting.

An important role in this also played a diet, because it gives us food, not only energy, but also replenishes the body with all necessary. At the same time an important element is the state of the intestinal microflora, and in case of violations, there are problems. This can be a constant heaviness in the stomach, abdominal pain, indigestion and other symptoms.

It may be broken due to the long-term use of drugs, especially antibiotics, as well as the nervous stress, poor eating habits. To restore and maintain the normal functioning of the intestines need to enter into the diet some types of products, one of which is yogurt.

In this case it is best to use it on an empty stomach. Sauerkraut is also good for this purpose, but it is recommended to cook it yourself, because as much as the purchase poured various marinades instead of natural fermentation, which means that by its use will not be the desired effect. Also, try to give up the semi-sweet sparkling water, as well as from the fatty and smoked products.

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