Psychologists are Advised to Keep Your Distance

Working in a team for a long time, people get used to each other and fastened among some friendships, which has a positive effect on the emotional and psychological state of the people.

However, it is worth remembering that there are people with whom it is recommended to keep a distance and less like to share their problems and joy.

In the women’s team there is always gossip. As a rule, it is a sociable person who is using his charm, quickly finds the approach to any person, because to date with all the events taking place in the team. She was pleased to tell you about the latest developments taking place in the office, at the same time, try to learn as much about your personal life and will certainly share with others.

Also, watch out for careerists, because these people, in order to achieve this goal, ready to various kinds of meanness, so not to spoil relations with them, try to communicate only on paper. Do not zoom in to her lovers quarrel, as well as those who are trying to show that they are the most experienced and competent experts.

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