Psychologist of Combining Work and Leisure

Nowadays it is very difficult to find a decent job with a high salary, the more that she liked.

In case of a successful combination of circumstances, when the work is fun and good earnings, some people are trying to give all the power to not lose it.

However, psychologists recommend to learn to set boundaries between personal and professional life.

The first thing to take care of your health, because in the event of a serious illness, you run the risk of losing not only the work, but also with a rich life. Therefore, try not to stay after work or take it to the house, because the body needs proper rest to reboot, both physical and mental strength.

Also, do not put work above family relations, because of the constant employment of some people pay little attention to the upbringing of children and caring for loved ones. Experience shows that the more one tries to prove themselves on the job, the more likely confer on him the additional load.

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