Pros and Cons of Tampons

0711624The majority of women during menstruation tampons used as a means of hygiene and cleanliness.

Naturally, this tool has a number of positive and negative features, so it is very important to determine what for you is a top priority.

Ease tampon in that it practically causes no discomfort and is able to absorb much more fluid. In addition, when using this device a girl has the opportunity to swim in the sea or in the pool without the risk of leakage.

As for the negative opinions about the use of tampons, it is possible to allocate the opinion of some doctors about the dangers of dioxin and rayon. This composite components tampons, which in the opinion of a certain group of specialists may affect the reduction in male sperm and lead to endometriosis.

Nevertheless, the producers themselves say that the composition of the tampons amount of dioxin is so small that it has no adverse effects on health.

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