Proper Nutrition in the Road

2910161Being constantly on the move (trains, buses, planes) have to change their usual rules of life.

Do not forget about proper nutrition, even if you have a very busy schedule. Travel and travel related to work.

Nutritionists around the world tirelessly repeated, so simple and for a long time to see the rules of healthy eating. Despite this, while in the long-term and frequent traveling, many people forget about these truths. Very often, we take food on the go, thereby interrupting your appetite and do not even think about the consequences for our body. In autumn and winter, our bodies need n6aioblee continuous sources of vitamins.

Each of us has heard the adage about what you need to eat breakfast yourself. It is 100 percent support doctors. In the morning it is better to give preference to food that is rich in protein (such as eggs, mushrooms) and give up the buffet of sweets. Also, do not forget about the fruits. For during the day you had a lot of strength and energy breakfast should not only taste, but also be useful.

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