Proper Nutrition After Lent

Here comes the bright holiday of Easter, in anticipation of which many people for a long time adhered strictly to fasting.

This means that their diet completely lacked meat, dairy products, eggs, fish and many other products, replaced only vegetable food, which the body has become accustomed to during this time.

In order to return to the previous diet and not to cause harm to health, it is worth sticking to some rules.

At the end of fasting, in no case should you eat fatty, fried foods, as well as any smoked foods and alcoholic beverages, regardless of their strength, since they can adversely affect the work of the liver and heart.

As for cottage cheese, yogurt, milk and eggs, these products simply need to be included as often as possible in your menu, because the body needs protein and calcium. Naturally, all the sea products should also be present on your table, because it is the seafood that can replenish our body with iodine. And, of course, do not forget about vegetables, greens and fruits.

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