Proper Diet for Winter Power

12101622Today, the calendar is still in October, but before the onset of winter have very little time.

For this reason, it is now possible to begin to think about how to properly prepare your body to ensure that during the winter he remained in good condition.

According to nutritionists, the winter is not necessary to make significant changes in your daily diet to not gain weight and, at the same time, do not leave without the body of vitamins and minerals.

The food is very important to start to put a proper meal. In the summer we often have breakfast with some salads or sandwiches with coffee, here in winter necessarily need a full breakfast. According to nutritionist Martin Young, an ideal option for the morning meal is scrambled eggs with bacon, a cup of coffee (preferably without sugar), as well as a small sandwich with butter. The dinner is best to eat some garnish in the form of porridge or spaggeti with meat or fish. For dinner, preferably consume dairy products, as well as salads made from fresh vegetables or fruit.

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