Proper Care Ears

It is unpleasant to watch, when a person is visible in the sulfur ears, because it directly indicates its untidiness.

People who are not adequately monitor compliance with hygiene of the body, always in a team is faced with a problem when most colleagues avoid contact with them.

In order to clean the wax from the ears, sell special cotton buds, but experts do not recommend to use them, because it increases the likelihood of damage to the tympanic walls.

In addition, cleaning sulfur deeper inside, which leads to the creation of tubes, because of which the hearing is deteriorating, there is noise, and often headaches.

Therefore, the best option would be to wash the ears with water, and, this procedure should be followed no more than three times a week. The fact that the sulfur has properties, the ability to protect your hearing aid from getting various kinds of bacteria, therefore, completely remove it from the ears is not necessary. Often there are situations when people have itching in the ears, which will help get rid of extra virgin olive oil, which is enough for a few drops.

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