Products that Cause Bloating

2909201615People who felt bloated feeling, you know what this uncomfortable condition, in fact, with increased flatulence pain occur. In most cases, such a discomfort arises in the use of certain types of products.

In the first place there are legumes, which include protease, blocking the breakdown of proteins, which after being hit in the gut trigger the fermentation process. To avoid this, before cooking is necessary peas, beans soak.

This useful vegetable like cabbage, from which you can prepare a wide variety of dishes, also contributes to the accumulation of gas in the intestines. As for the milk, then, in many people, especially adults, there is difficulty processing lactose, which is contained in this product, which is why there is a bloating and diarrhea.

Carbonated drinks, especially sweet, it is necessary to exclude from your diet, because they not only contribute to the appearance of blisters, but also harm the body.

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