Products that Are Not Recommended to be Used in Asthma

Some people who have had a chronic illness, have to constantly observe the regime of the day and watch your diet.

This is especially true of diabetics, that going into the trip, should take care not only of medicines but also about nutrition.

Recently, asthma, which refers to intractable diseases has become increasingly common among young people. One of the reasons this disease is air pollution, which is due to the large amount of emissions, industry and cars, which are more and more on the roads.

Scientists were able to prove that due to consumption of meat, especially sausages, which contain a salt of nitrous acid, the disease is enhanced by more than 40%.

Therefore, these people better sausage exclude from your diet and replace it with seafood, as well as greater use of various fruits, vegetables and herbs. Of course on smoking can be no question, because it is one of the most harmful habits, which is observed in humans.

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