Products That are Not Recommended Give Children Under 2 Years

Not all parents know that there are some products that are not recommended for children under the age of two years.

The fact is that during this period of life they have an intensive development of all organs, and those products that adults consider quite useful and most of them are so and are, they are contraindicated to babies.

These include, for example, grapes and melons, because after their use, the child increases gas formation, and also negatively affects the pancreas. The same goes for different baking, especially if it is made from dough, because it is difficult to process the stomach.

All children love chocolate and knowingly, because scientists say that it is useful in moderation, but this does not apply to children under two years of age, because, due to the presence of caffeine, they are overexcited.

As for soups, it is better to cook them on vegetable broths, and not use for this meat or fish, which is better to use as a separate dish.

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