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29111626We all want to be slim and beautiful, energetic and cheerful, and well aware that to achieve such a result is possible observing certain rules, one of which is the use in the diet of healthy foods.
Among their large number, there are some that should be noted and it is natural to include in your diet.

Despite the fact that such as a vegetable, a potato is a highly nutritious and contains folic acid capable of restoring the cells to prevent aging and reduces the likelihood of malignancy.

Besides, it is much lower in calories than, for example, in the meat. red potato varieties are considered to be particularly useful.

Apart from the fact that garlic has antiseptic properties, killing harmful bacteria in the body, it is useful for the heart, and also improves blood. The only thing that is worth remembering that it is better to eat raw, since cooking it loses its properties.

As for the walnuts, then they need to eat every day, but not more than 7 cores, because, in addition to beneficial effects on the brain, liver and heart, walnut high-calorie foods.

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