Products, Lowers Cholesterol

0511164From how much cholesterol is in the body, it depends on the state of our health.

If it exceeds the permissible limits, it gives rise to a number of diseases, especially cardiac system and can cause heart attack or stroke.

To avoid such diseases, it is necessary to stick to a particular diet, which should be present only those products which contain a small amount. These include certain types of meat, margarine and many other products.

However, nature gave us some food, which can significantly reduce cholesterol. Primarily these include garlic, which contains more than 100 useful components that make it not only improves the blood, but also resists inflammatory processes. Therefore, despite its peculiar smell, you need every day to eat at least one chives.

Also, useful properties are walnuts, red fish and all kinds of fruits, from which you can cook a variety of dishes, combining them with vegetables.

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