Problems Arising After Nail Extension

In order to be beautiful, women are ready to do everything, up to plastic surgery, and knowing in advance that there may be side effects that do not, just do not bring the desired result, but will worsen the appearance.

However, beauty is a great power and most of the fair sex do not stop at nothing, not sparing time and money.

Already for a long time more and more popular is the build-up of nails, which allowed many women to have a beautiful manicure. However, before deciding to grow nails, you should choose their length in advance, because if, for example, you work at a computer, too long nails will not allow you to work productively.

In addition, with such nails, it will be difficult for you to do homework, not to mention the fact that you will need much more time to wear tights. As for the financial means, this procedure is not related to saving, because the monthly correction will not be cheaper than a manicure, which you can do four times a month.

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