Problem Skin and How to Take Care of It

2910169According to statistics, after 20 years, about 70% of women noticed defects on the skin – shine, inflammatory rash, peeling, redness, unhealthy complexion, and the consequences of acne.

Up to 30 years, the disease occurs in 60%. Experts say that about 90% of people at least once struggled with acne throughout their lives.

We are deeply mistaken, believing that the purity of the skin it is sufficient to use a special cleanser. Doctors who specialize in skin diseases are cautioned that all these tools are deeply damage the skin of the face and the difficulties it can only grow. Therefore, to cleanse the skin from unpleasant contaminants can use a clay mask or a mask in which the ingredient is present.

The detrimental effects on the skin such as rough and improperly treated, it is perceived as a negative effect, in response to this, the skin reacts aggressively, increasing the sebaceous glands. Facial skin is directly dependent on the things that she has to come into contact on a daily basis, so the bed linen and towels must always be clean.

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