Preparations for the First Date

250820165Every woman on the first date wants to look amazing. Well, when there is time to prepare for it. But what do you do if a work came later, and a date very soon? How to prepare to him for 5 minutes and look stunning?

1. Nails. For the nails need to look regularly. Manicure must always be perfect. It is best to give preference to natural tones, as they are suitable for any image.
2. Hairstyle. As for the hair coloring, it is not necessary to carry Machoman hvor du kan kjøpe i Norge out the day before. Always able to finish a failed experiment. A hairstyle can always be done quickly on their own. It all depends on the length of hair.
3. Eyebrows. Before a date themselves not worth plucking eyebrows. This is best done in a few days.
4. Pimple. If a pimple jumped day goodbye, it is not necessary to squeeze it. It is much wiser to try to disguise it.
5. Makeup. As for makeup, it should not be too flashy and provocative. You should always use proven cosmetics to avoid allergic reactions.

Finally, I want to wish all women not to be late, because men can not tolerate this.

The First Impression May Be Deceptive

When the young girl fulfilled the cherished date of the sixteenth birthday, she thinks that she has become very grown-up and this adult girl is already allowed and allowed.

The biggest mistake is the celebration of the birthday, when at this age she, so young and beautiful, gets a lot of alcohol and behaves very obscene in society. But this is not the worst thing that happens to such girls. Often the boys are a bit older, who are present at the celebration of the birthday, specifically try to give a drink to a young and supposedly already grown-up girl in order to take advantage of her state of intoxication and provoke her into sexual intercourse. Yes, maybe it is the next day, if she has a lot of alcohol and does not remember what is happening, but in a few days she will find out that she is pregnant.

For this often happening reason, do not get acquainted with the opposite generation, which Macho Man Moldova is much older than you. It is best to try to communicate with people close to you by age, as well as by interests. Also, at the first acquaintance, it is important to look at the person from all sides.

The fact is that appearance can be deceptive. Vrede nourishes warm feelings for you, and tries to drag him to bed. So on and on, the relationship continues, and then on his Birthday he will be able to take advantage of his moment.

On the first date, you should not dress as if you were going to a beach or a nightclub, where everyone is almost naked. You need to know yourself the price. A girl at any age on the first date should look very natural and attractive. However, at the same time, to rebuff his boyfriend in an intimate way, so that he does not believe in your inaccessibility. Also on the first date, you do not have to try to sound smart or too grown-up, nor should you be too frivolous. It is imperative Macho Man Хрватска to remain as you are in life. In addition, be sure to monitor the behavior of your partner. If he immediately reaches out to your waist, to kisses, then most likely the mind requires you only sex. If you are ready to spend the evening talking on different topics, and will accompany you home and not try to kiss, then maybe this guy is who you need.


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