Power Mode Influences on Health

On how we eat depends not only our health, but also the work of all the bodies, because as the human body needs daily replenishment of energy he expends while working or studying.

Of course, a great role in this play food, which we prefer, but that is what we adhere to the regime, also affects the overall well-being.

Some people completely abandon breakfast, explaining that the lack of time, but they do not realize what harm they cause themselves. Even in ancient times, in some countries it has been the custom, the person taking on the job, he planted at the table and watched as he eats and if he had a good appetite, it means that he was healthy.

Nutritionists recommend eating slowly, carefully her chewing, so that the body was relaxed, it is no wonder at all enterprises for at least one hour lunch stands, and, for example, in Spain, fiesta lasts for two hours.

And of course, do not load up at night, because it will affect not only weight gain, but will complicate the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

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